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  1. глагол
    • изменять, переделывать, менять

      to alter one's way of living /mode of life/ — менять образ жизни

      to alter the course — изменять направление /курс/

      to alter one's mind — арх. передумать, принять другое решение

      to alter radically [slightly] — менять коренным образом [слегка]

      that alters matters /the case/ — это меняет дело

    • видоизменять, вносить изменения

      to alter a decree [a will] — внести изменения в декрет [в завещание]

      to alter clothes — переделывать платье

      to alter quantitatively [markedly, intangibly] — изменять количественно [заметно, неощутимо]

    • изменяться

      to alter for the better [the worse] — измениться к лучшему [к худшему]

      to alter subtly [considerably, appreciably] — неуловимо [значительно, заметно] изменяться

      Moscow has altered a great deal since 1945 — Москва очень изменилась с 1945 г.

      he has considerably altered since his illness — он сильно сдал после болезни

    • муз. альтерировать

    • эвф. холостить, кастрировать (животных)

  • изменять
alter the text – изменять текст
alter course – менять курс
altered level – измененный уровень
  • вносить изменения
  • переделать

Примеры использования

The Photoshop expert can alter the picture to make people think you spent your vacation on the beach.
If you alter your plans and no longer need a ride to school, please let me know so I can sleep in late.
Sarah hopes the antidepressant will alter her mood so she won’t feel sad all the time.
Because my current healthcare plan is not meeting my needs, I am going to alter the benefits of my policy.
Do you believe you can alter your mood by listening to certain types of music?
This, I dare say, will make them alter their behaviour to you.
To this he consents; but he has not courage to alter the family customs.
Christine might be right, but that did not alter things for him.
They often say in their Gnomic aphorisms, ‘Even the Gods cannot alter the past.’
It was all in vain, he confesses; he could not alter the convictions of the Empress.
To say that an officer is never, for any object, to alter his orders, is what I cannot comprehend.
I cannot say that I am pleased with all I have written—yet will not now alter it.
That she would so alter her affairs that I might be entangled in no lawsuits.
"That is one of the habits I must alter in the children," thought Constance.
However much you may try to explain it, you cannot alter it.


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