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  1. наречие
    • почти

      almost always — почти всегда

      almost ready — почти готово

      I almost missed the train — я чуть не опоздал на поезд

      almost never — почти никогда

      almost no one — почти никто, едва ли кто-нибудь

      the speaker said almost nothing — оратор почти ничего (нового) (и) не сказал

      almost was never hang'd, almost never killed a fly — ≅ «почти» не считается

  2. прилагательное
    • почти полный, фактический

      with almost reverence — с видимым почтением /уважением/

  • почти
almost identical – почти идентичный
almost simple group – почти простая группа
almost complex structure – почти комплексная структура
almost complete absence – почти полное отсутствие
almost straight line – почти прямая линия
almost exact copy – почти точная копия
almost full moon – почти полная луна
almost infinite number – почти бесконечное количество
almost every day – практически каждый день

Примеры использования

The bandits almost made it to their get-away van, but the police caught them just in time.
We almost went to the river but decided to a picnic instead.
Josh kept thinking of birthday ideas for his dad who was almost sixty.
I almost caught a catfish, but it slipped off my line just as I was reeling it in.
The man and woman almost got married, but a huge fight ended their relationship.
The request, thus aided by flattery, was almost unanimously granted.
Almost every Barbarian at the table had made his own fortune.
They're really one and a half sizes too small, and almost kill me.
It was almost impossible to win their confidence, or to get information from them.
She was almost in; it was only a slight dizziness, yet she could not see the light-house.
I had almost omitted to add, that he was a ladies' haberdasher.
Weel, man, that's a-year-and-a-half, and you must be almost a man noo.
The resources of this country are almost beyond computation.
You may be almost the first girl to apply, or you may be among the latest, but not the too latest.
But now came a tide of other news, and almost all of it was stale stuff to him.


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