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  1. глагол
    • часто pass

    • отводить, выделять (на чью-л. долю); предназначать; назначать

      to allot smth. to smb. for a purpose — предназначать кому-л. что-л. для какой-л. цели

      to allot credits — предоставлять /выделять/ кредиты

      to allot a task — возлагать /ставить, определять/ задачу

      they were allotted a house to live in — им отвели отдельный дом

      our class was allotted the flower garden — нашему классу была поручена работа в цветнике

      what is allotted to you? — что пришлось на вашу долю?

      each speaker is allotted five minutes — каждому оратору даётся 5 минут, регламент выступления

    • отчислять, ассигновывать

      to allot money for a park — ассигновывать деньги /отчислять средства/ на устройство парка

      to allot credits — предоставлять /выделять/ кредиты

    • распределять, раздавать; наделять

      to allot profits — распределять прибыль

      to allot fairly [unjustly, impartially] — распределять честно [несправедливо, беспристрастно]

    • придавать

    • вводить в состав

  • выделять
  • наделять
  • раздавать
  • отчислять

Примеры использования

Since there is only a small cake, my mother will allot each of us a small slice.
We cannot properly allot blame for the error until we understand what went wrong during the experiment.
Because of the fuel shortage, the gas outlets are only allowed to allot eight gallons of gas per customer visit.
The firm has decided to allot the majority of its profits to research and development to ensure it remains number one in innovation.
As an active church member, I allot ten percent of my annual salary to the church.
Of those fifteen hundred, it is proposed to allot three hundred to each of us.
He did not allot to it more than twenty lines out of a full column.
And are you content that I should allot you a position in the wall?
May the Most High ever allot to thee and to me tidings as joyful!
I feel that mine will never change, whatever fortune may allot me.
To allot God a secondary place in life was, to me, inconceivable.
He will look up his list, and allot you the state-room you paid for.
Yet I found it hard to allot her the place suggested by this theory.
They were entitled to such house-boot as the steward might be pleased to allot.
Were Virgil to write now, and you had to allot him his theme, what would it be?


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