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  1. существительное
    • изобилие, обилие, богатство

      to live in affluence — жить в достатке /в богатстве/

      to rise to affluence — разбогатеть

    • приток, стечение, наплыв, обилие

  • изобилие
level of affluence – уровень достатка
  • приток
  • стечение

Примеры использования

When the economy crashed, many people of affluence became poor.
The chauffeur-driven Mercedes announced the woman’s affluence.
When Matt’s parents used their affluence to build the school's new facility, Matt was quickly admitted to the college.
Gail credits her early retirement and affluence to working hard and saving carefully.
Since James is an arrogant young man who comes from a wealthy family, he often brags about his family’s affluence.
A sign of the man’s affluence was his valuable art collection.
Lance has never wanted for anything because of his parentsaffluence.
Even though Miles was a man of affluence, he owned only two pairs of shoes in his lifetime.
The philanthropist uses his affluence to help people in need.
With her, I need hardly say it, would come plenty, affluence.
Affluence we may know, but poverty is apt to be our companion.
Here it is affluence and age, there it is beauty and poverty.
I have already told my reader that my youth was not passed in affluence.
In their visionary leaps to affluence they soared to giddy heights.
The affluence of beauty of some of these is indeed marvellous.
That home of affluence was not mine,—it was only the asylum of my first days of orphanage.
I married a lady of wealth and affluence, one I loved and doted on.
The sudden descent from affluence to poverty bore him to the grave.
He entered upon it in affluence, with a large and remunerative practice.

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