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  1. прилагательное
    • достойный обожания; обожаемый

    • разг. прелестный, восхитительный

      adorable baby — прелестный малыш

      what adorable curtains! — какие дивные занавески!

  • обожаемый
  • очаровательный
adorable baby – прелестный ребенок

Примеры использования

With an adorable smile, the delightful toddler stole the hearts of everyone in the room.
An adorable little puppy showed up at our door and won us over with his cute eyes.
Arriving at the adorable bed and breakfast, the couple was excited to start their romantic getaway in such a charming inn.
The baby was so cute and adorable, a modeling agency decided to hire him for their commercials.
Snow White and the several dwarfs lived in a lovely little college that was small yet adorable.
"Ever since you were an adorable darling of four years," I assured her.
Ah, what an adorable woman she was, and how I love to recall her to my memory!
These adorable, kind, amusing people actually admired it, and said so.
Meg was adorable with her children and surpassed herself in the telling of stories.
And there stood Beth adorable in her perplexity, conjuring both of him to speak.
All I was thinking of was that she was adorable and too lovely for words!
The smile accompanying the words was so adorable that Mrs. McVeigh bent to kiss her.
She glanced at him, with an adorable smile as a finale, so confident she had proven her case.
Her tone was adorable and melted the sullen mood of the man at the other end of the wire.
She is a flirt, and a flirt not only adorable, but worthy of adoration.


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