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  1. глагол
    • приспособлять

      to adapt plans to suit new circumstances — изменять планы в соответствии с новыми обстоятельствами

      to adapt smth. to the needs of the people — приспособить что-л. к нуждам людей

      these tractors have been adapted — в конструкцию этих тракторов были внесены некоторые модификации

    • приспосабливаться, адаптироваться, применяться к (тж. to adapt oneself)

      one must adapt to circumstances — а) нужно применяться к обстоятельствам /считаться с обстоятельствами/; б) нужно действовать по обстоятельствам /в соответствии с обстановкой/

    • адаптировать, переделывать, облегчать (текст, книгу и т. п.)

      to adapt a book (for use in schools) — адаптировать книгу (для школьного чтения)

    • экранизировать, инсценировать

      to adapt a novel — инсценировать роман

      to adapt smth. for the screen — экранизировать что-л.

      a play adapted for the radio — радиопостановка по пьесе

  • адаптировать
adapted version – адаптированный вариант
  • адаптироваться
adapt to change – адаптироваться к изменениям
  • переделывать

Примеры использования

When James relocates to a different side of the country, he will have to adapt to a new weather pattern.
Kelly found it difficult to adapt to being a paparazzi target after going unnoticed for so many years.
Because the rain came out of nowhere, we had to adapt our outdoor party to an indoor event.
Kurt had to adapt to cooking and cleaning for himself when his marriage crumbled.
After Lou lost one arm in a car accident, he had to adapt to a prosthetic limb.
It's very kind of you to adapt yourself to my capacity, I am sure.'
She had changed her methods suddenly, and he had had no time to adapt himself to them.
There are also men who adapt themselves passively and are easily molded.
Those who regard their health should be careful to adapt their clothing to the state of the climate, and the season of the year.
Change is about it on every side, and it must adapt itself to this change or it will pass away.
To every sort of situation some bird has been enabled to adapt itself.
The true statesman is aware that he must adapt himself to times and circumstances.
"Do you adapt yourself also, monsieur," she retorted angrily, and turned her shoulder to him.
As if to make a good text-book, it was not as necessary to adapt it to teachers as to scholars.
He was also quite prepared to adapt it to the childish mind.


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