accomplish Перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

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  1. глагол
    • выполнять

      how did you accomplish this? — как вам удалось этого добиться?

      to accomplish a task [a promise] — выполнить задачу [обещание]

      to accomplish a feat — совершить подвиг

      to accomplish one's object — достичь своей цели

    • завершать, доводить до конца

      to accomplish a distance — пройти /пробежать, проехать/ расстояние

      he accomplished 60 years — он достиг 60 лет, ему исполнилось 60 лет

    • арх. совершенствовать; делать совершенным

  • выполнять
accomplish the task – выполнить задачу
accomplish a feat – совершить подвиг
  • достигать
accomplish so – достигнуть столь
  • завершать
  • сделать
accomplish today – сделать сегодня
  • решать
  • совершенствовать

Примеры использования

Even though I used to be pretty bad at mathematics, through hard work and dedication I was able to accomplish my goal of getting an A in the class as my final grade.
Thanks to the brave men that fought their hardest during World War Two, we were able to accomplish the grand objective of stopping a fascist regime from taking over the world.
Were it not for the efforts of the Wright brothers, who knows how long it would have taken for mankind to accomplish the feat of flight?
I don’t know when we’ll be able to accomplish our dream of colonizing other planets in our solar system, but I imagine that it will be many years from now.
With lots of practice and determination, the talented figure skater was able to make it to the Olympics and accomplish the incredible feat of earning a gold medal.
The tasks we face are difficult, and we can accomplish them only if we work together.
How the teams were to accomplish this, it was painful to consider.
It is the aim of the present dissertation to accomplish this.
No, but doesn't it seem as though we ought to be able to accomplish so much?
But soldiers will accomplish a good deal to get nearer the enemy.
This is an operation too difficult for a weak force to accomplish.
My ambition was excited to deserve his friendship, and to accomplish his predictions.
But they did accomplish the journey, and that in nineteen days.
Great skill was required to accomplish this surely and gracefully.
Could I but accomplish this object, I should feel I had not written in vain.


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