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  1. существительное
    • академия

      the Academy of Arts — Академия художеств (в СССР)

      the Royal Academy of Arts — Королевская Академия искусств (в Великобритании)

    • (the Academy) академия, ежегодная выставка живописи и скульптуры (в Лондоне)

    • высшее учебное заведение

    • привилегированное среднее (частное) учебное заведение

    • амер. частная средняя школа-интернат

    • специальное учебное заведение, школа

      military academy — амер. военное училище

      riding academy — а) школа верховой езды; б) манеж

      academy of music — музыкальное училище

    • филос. платонизм

  • академия
  • школа

Примеры использования

What the paper tells us is that the Academy had not engaged Buononcini for the coming season.
It is probable that Handel himself had contributed to the downfall of the Academy.
"She'd have to go to an academy first to get fitten for it," said Ma.
And as he spoke, Cano dashed his statue to pieces on the pavement of the academy.
I want, sir, if you please, to be admitted to draw at the Academy.
That practised by the "hanging committee" of the Academy of Design.
They might have learned more about Mrs. Myers if not the Academy.
This action of Congress is a pendant to the Academy of Sciences.
He was either newly out of their academy or insultingly confident.
I hadn't gone to the academy, but this was no handicap to my finding the letter.

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society or institution interested in learning


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