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  1. глагол
    • освобождать, избавлять (от ответственности, долгов, наказания)

      to absolve from a promise — освободить от обещания

      he was absolved from all blame — с него были сняты все обвинения

    • оправдывать; выносить оправдательный приговор (кому-л.)

    • (from) прощать

      to absolve from blame — прощать вину

    • (of) церк. отпускать (грехи)

  • освобождать
  • прощать
  • оправдать

Примеры использования

The jury’s innocent verdict appears to absolve the defendant of any guilt.
After the traffic accident, the drunk driver tried to absolve himself of responsibility for the wreck.
The fact you did not shoot the storeowner during your gang’s robbery does not absolve you of his death.
If you wish to absolve yourself of your sins, you must first confess them and not repeat the same actions.
The lack of funding does not absolve the city government from its guilt of not being prepared for the storm.
When the president granted the prisoner a pardon, he felt the man’s good deeds were enough to absolve him of his wrongdoings.
Admitting you lied does not absolve you from the guilt of deceiving your spouse.
While you can expect the court to be more lenient if you turn in the stolen money, you cannot expect that action to absolve you of all blame.
To absolve Jake from the crime would be a huge injustice since he already admitted to his part in the burglary.
The five-year warranty does not absolve the car manufacturer from the liability of selling a faulty vehicle.
Were I to be queen of the universe, that dignity should not absolve me from my duty to you and to my father.
That would be to absolve him from living, since it is life itself that is the burden.
There is no suggestion here that religion will absolve any man from bearing burdens.
Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world.
But I may also neglect this reflex standard and absolve me to myself.
I am glad that I had strength and courage to absolve thee before I fell.
I turned to the Patriarch and put the question whether he would so absolve me.
And yet, how is it possible to absolve her for her inexplicable behaviour to me?
"Your word was given to me, and I absolve you from it," she said.
You have now a right to know my history, and if you repent, I absolve you from all obligations.


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