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  1. существительное
    • обыкн. pl омовение

      to perform one's ablutions — шутл. совершать омовение

    • обмывание; промывание; очищение

    • вода или иная жидкость для омовения

    • pl. брит. воен. санитарно-бытовые помещения (баня, прачечная, туалет и т. п.)

    • тех. промывка

  • омовение
ritual ablution – ритуальное омовение

Примеры использования

Sylvia has a rare condition that makes her break out in a rash if she gets water on her skin, so her morning ablution consists of using cleansing cream and tissue.
Some religions require believers to perform an ablution before prayer so that they are clean and worthy in the presence of their God.
Although the injury wasn’t severe, the nurse brought in sterile water for the doctor to perform an ablution so that it would be less likely to become infected.
Once I have my cup of coffee and do my morning ablution, including brushing and flossing, I’m ready to start my day.
Jerry explained to his friends that his parents had taught him to perform an ablution before he ate a meal or snack, but it had nothing to do with religion.
In a ritual act of ablution before prayer, Rashad meditated while he washed his face, hands, upper forehead, and the tops of his feet.
Since the cast made it impossible for Denise to shower or bathe in a tub, the doctor instructed to carry out her ablution in the form of a sponge bath.
Since doctors are required to perform an ablution before they examine each patient, dry, chapped hands are an occupational hazard.
"There ain't any ablution in the house," said the mystified Hannah.
This ablution made him clean, but did not bring back his ruddy color.
An ablution is a washing or cleansing; especially a religious rite.
The evening had come, it was time to perform the evening's ablution.
Our morning ablution had to be performed with cold water and soft soap.
I had it dammed higher up and had a place, 10 by 10, made for ablution.
The dimensions 10 by 10, are those enjoined for places of ablution.
I asked of the Belha who presented me with a lota of water for the purposes of ablution.
Knowledge is to purification and asceticism what ablution is to prayer.
Herring watched the progress of the ablution with much interest.

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