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  1. существительное
    • курица

      clucking hen — клуша

      to keep hens — разводить кур

    • самка некоторых птиц; тетёрка, куропатка

      hen pheasant, pheasant hen — самка фазана

    • разг. самка (некоторых пород рыб)

    • шутл., презр. женщина; жена

      old hen — старая дура

    • разг. трус

      like a hen with one chicken — ≅ носиться как курица с яйцом

      a black hen lays a white egg — посл. чёрная курица несёт белые яйца

      to sell one's hens on a rainy day — редк. продавать свой товар в неподходящее время, проявлять непрактичность

  • курица
black hen – черная курица
  • куропатка
  • курятник
  • куриный
hen egg – куриное яйцо

Примеры использования

And once or twice he has got as mad as a hen at her for smilin'.
An elderly lady whom you do not happen to like; sometimes called, also, a hen, or cat.
She followed cautiously, and under a butte far from the Hen she found Jake's camp.
Once when Daisy had some little kittens she put them in a hen's nest.
It lays in the bringin' up, as the duck said when the hen tried to swim.'
Don't begin to yell or we'll have that hen convention in the parlor down on us.
They haven't any more business sense than a hen, the heft of 'em ain't.
A hen is all right in her place, but she don't belong in a peacock cage.
Angelelli laughed his thin laugh, like a hen cackling over its nest.
I'll be about as free as a settin' hen under a barrel, I will.


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